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Sandra Farms | Puerto Rico Coffee
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100% Puerto Rico Grown

From the hills of Adjuntas, Sandra Farms produces a natural grown coffee with
a smooth, pleasant flavor all its own.


natural coffee process puerto rico

Heirloom Arabica Coffee Beans

A unique combination of traditional Puerto Rican coffee varietals gives Sandra Farms a
a distinct flavor and aroma that delights discerning coffee lovers.


Natural Products, Grown Simply.

Grown and processed in the traditional manner, as naturally as possible, Sandra Farms coffee
takes you back to a simpler time.


From our first cup of handpicked Adjuntas Mountain Grown coffee in 2001,
we have persevered to make Sandra Farms a viable, sustainable
and contributing member of the local community while at the same
time striving to improve the environment.

Our company philosophy follows traditional methods of growing and roasting
coffee while applying more ecologically-friendly ways. We use less water and
energy, zero fossil fuel, and recycle biomass and compost. We roast your
coffee upon receipt of your order to ensure freshness; then we notify you of
the shipping date. When you are enjoying our coffee, we are certain
you can taste the care that went into every precious bean.

Sandra Farms: Pleasant. Unique. 100% Adjuntas Mountain Grown.