Our Coffee

Since the 1800s, the Adjuntas coffee region has been renowned for superior quality coffee and an excellent well-balanced cup.

100% Adjuntas Mountain Grown Arabica beans grow high in the central mountain range of Puerto Rico where shady mountainsides with steep valleys create myriad microclimates bathed by cool rain and heavy dew. The favorable latitude and altitude, reliable rainfall, moisture and pleasant trade winds create cool temperatures that fall into the 40s. Experts agree that climates with extended low temperatures produce a better bean.

At Sandra Farms , excellent coffee quality is a result of how precious Adjuntas Mountain Grown Arabica beans are treated: Ripe red beans are manually picked from specialty coffee varieties such as Bourbon, Catuahi and Caturra. Ecologically friendly equipment separates the cherry from the beans, and then gently removes the mucilage that surrounds the beans using only a few liters of spring water per ton.

Cleaned coffee beans travel to rectangular silos with perforated floors through which warm air is blown, a process that slowly dries the bean mass. The blown-in air contains no fuel particulates because it passes through a heat exchanger that surrounds the furnace. The hulls of the previous year's crop, a renewable biomass, effectively provide the energy needed in a manner which helps protect the environment. The beans are then dried to a predetermined low moisture level, stored in hermetically sealing bags protected inside burlap bags and kept cool in our tall warehouse with air and temperature control. Later, the beans are hulled, and local women hand select only those beans matching all the desired characteristics.


For the past 10 months we have served an exquisite natural/whole fruit (dry process) coffee to our Plantation Tour guests alongside our well known superb wet process coffee. Possibly all of those coffee lovers were amazed at the wonderful (highlight "different") different taste of natural/whole fruit coffee and thoroughly enjoyed it. They signed up on the waiting list for purchasing this additional new coffee. We now offer both---as long as supply lasts.

The whole fruit coffee is dried in the cherry pulp and mucilage, just as it comes from the tree. Natural coffee requires at least 100 hours of drying in the same warm air as our regular beans, but with certain additional care. The result is a fruity, naturally sweeter cup that brings back the true flavor of yesteryears when the only technology available was muscle power to dry it in the sun, keep it out of the rain. That's heirloom flavor!

Adjuntas' average daily temperature of 72F is critical in the production one of the world's finest coffee beans. Sandra Farms lovingly processes them so that the flavors in their natural oils blossom in your cup. At Sandra Farms , our green footprint is as tiny as the delicate Puerto Rican tree frog called el coqui that shares the mountains with us. We proudly use ecologically sensitive methods throughout cultivation, production and processing. The proof is in the cup. ¡Buen Provecho!