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Collaboration to Increase Production

A note from Sandra + Israel

“Sandra Farms thanks our faithful customers and coffee lovers.

The good news is, demand for Sandra Farms coffee is stronger than ever. The bad news is, supply of great coffee beans is down in Puerto Rico, and so, we must temporarily stop filling coffee orders (not for NATURAL beans) for a few months. The good news is, we are innovating and joining with small neighbor farmers to: help them stay viable & hold on to their coffee farms, buy their ripe coffee beans to increase our production of delicious Sandra Farms coffee, and meet your demand for our “rich, sweet, smooth” coffee.

Our strategy for next harvest results in a win-win plan: neighbor farmers will earn more money = more reason for persevering; Sandra Farms will produce significantly more beans; and our great customers and new fans will be able to enjoy our mountain grown beans from harvest to harvest.

Please bear with us as we think outside the box to solve thorny issues. Sandra Farms website will offer our full menu of your favorite cup of coffee as of next harvest.

NOTE: our NATURAL beans will still be available while supply lasts. Apasionados (An Exquisite Love Affair) dark chocolate with Sandra Farms coffee will continue to be available here for your enjoyment.

NOTE 2: If you wish to be included in our list for when we begin to fill orders again with fresh harvest beans, please email us to indicating your interest. We will then notify you of the fact so you can enter the website and place your order. This will be on a first come first serve basis.

THANK YOU ! We appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Israel + Sandra Gonzalez

Sandra & Israel Gonzalez, Owners
Sandra Farms Coffee


+ Produce an excellent mountain grown coffee
+ Use modern and ecologically sound methods in green bean production
+ Uphold Fair Trade standards and meet U.S. requirements for employees
+ Improve sustainability in the farms of our mountainous community
+ Offer our unique beans directly to all coffee lovers