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Boutique Coffee Growers in Puerto Rico

Sandra Farms is the pleasant result of lifelong dreams, hard work and an impassioned dedication to serve the finest cup of coffee. The name derives from the Spanish custom of naming properties to honor significant women, (i.e.: wives, mothers and other relatives). Sandra Farms conveys togetherness and active participation of the owners and people who have supported our compelling journey.

From our first cup of handpicked Adjuntas Mountain Grown coffee in 2001, we have persevered to make Sandra Farms a viable, sustainable and contributing member of the local community while at the same time striving to improve the environment.

Our company philosophy follows traditional methods of growing and roasting coffee while applying more ecology-friendly ways. We use less water and energy, zero fossil fuel, and recycle biomass and compost. We roast your coffee upon receipt of your order to ensure freshness; then we notify you of the shipping date. When you are enjoying our coffee, we are certain you can taste the care that went into every precious bean.


Sandra & Israel Gonzalez, Owners
Sandra Farms Coffee


+ Produce an excellent mountain grown coffee
+ Use modern and ecologically sound methods in green bean production
+ Uphold Fair Trade standards and meet U.S. requirements for employees
+ Improve sustainability in the farms of our mountainous community
+ Offer our unique beans directly to all coffee lovers


At the end of the 19th century, Puerto Rico produced so much coffee that it became the world’s sixth largest exporter of coffee. In the 20th century, coffee was grown in Rincon and similar coastal latitudes, which are less ideal for quality coffee beans than the famous central mountains. The central mountains, areas like Adjuntas in the high cordillera, are over 3,000 ft altitude and perfect for coffee production.

Perhaps the pride Puerto Rican’s hold for their coffee was the basis for such record production. Even today, when caficultura suffers from scarcity of labor, there is no slope too steep for coffee trees. Puerto Rico’s cool mountainous climate, with temperatures that can go down into the 40’s, is an ideal setting for great coffee. Experts talk about beans grown at the highest slopes as offering the very best cup of coffee.

Climate is not the only variable in the production of great coffee: varieties, farming methods, and great care in processing and preparation of beans are just as important. Adherence to proven principals and attention to details are vital to distinguish great coffee as “special”. American coffee lovers are discovering Puerto Rico’s coffee as they come across some brands that are meticulously produced in the mountains and prepared with great care. Coffee farmers in the mountains who are serious about coffee quality can depend on the craggy mountains to produce beans of superior quality that give them much pride and success.