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Sandra Farms | Sandra Farms 2 oz Coffee Sample
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puerto rico coffee for wedding favors

Sandra Farms 2 oz Coffee Sample


Get just a smidge of our rich, dark, smooth Sandra Farms coffee. We’re sure you will love it and be back for more! This 2 oz ground coffee sampler is ideal for making your own gift baskets for for wedding favors.
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The wet process for preparing coffee beans is used in nearly all coffee sold today. Clean water is used to “wash” the beans; in our case, we use spring water. Our specialty beans come from ripe cherries that are separated from any green (immature/not ripe) beans.The ideally ripe coffee bean is protected by the red outer pulp and its mucilage, by the mucilage adhered to the parchment, and by that parchment surrounding the bean and, finally, by the silky pelicule wrapped around the bean. (Coffee beans do not come unwrapped easily) The wet process seeks to remove the pulp and mucilage from the parchment. That process facilitates drying the beans in a shorter time and more consistently. Our equipment is eco-friendly and uses very little spring water in the process, unlike old systems. Also, the continuum from when the bean enters the system to when it is washed is very fast and friendly.

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