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Sandra Farms | The Cacao Process
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In combining two of nature’s most treasured flavors; coffee + chocolate, Sandra Farms presents their newest product:
An exquisite combination of locally grown dark and light chocolate and
Sandra Farms coffee.

fresh cacao puerto rico


Sandra Farms has been working closely with local cacao farmers as well as planting cacao trees in an effort to make Apasionados chocolates a 100% Puerto Rican grown product. The smooth dark and light chocolate is combined with the fresh ground and whole Sandra Farms beans to produce a luscious chocolate experience.

local puerto rico coffee beans


Apasionados are made with either ground or whole bean coffee produced by Sandra Farms in Adjuntas Puerto Rico. Using fine Arabica beans processed by a traditional whole bean drying method and the finest roasting techniques, Sandra Farms coffee produces a smooth, dark bean with a distinct flavor. This bean pairs perfectly with the rich, tart flavor of locally grown cacao.

puerto rico local chocolate


Apasionados are the result of Sandra’s attempt to offer the synergy of great chocolate and our great coffee in a morsel packed with passion. The result is “An Exquisite Love Affair.” When the chocolate is ready, the chocolatier adds our ground coffee and the unadulterated intact whole bean to create flavor magic for your palate. We are planting large numbers of cacao trees and also arranging with neighbor farmers to sell us their cacao production. The ultimate goal is to offer Apasionados as a product fully locally grown in Adjuntas Puerto Rico, just like our coffee.


Recycle coffee berry's ``skin`` as organic soil supplement.

Protect environment by containing water used in processing.

Plant in shade, conserving trees & soil

Conserve fuel by recycling renewable biomass.

Reduce water usage by using equipment designed to recycle and conserve water.

Follow sustainable agriculture practices.

Conserve energy using gravity when possible.

Recycle coffee hulls as fuel for harvest.